Base Price/hour

10 hour Package*

20 hour Package*

40 hour Package*

20 USD

180 USD

320 USD

525 USD

17 EUR

150 EUR

276 EUR

460 EUR

14 GBP

125 GBP

228 GBP

375 GBP

*Lesson packages are non refundable but can be transferred to a friend or family member. If an emergency occurs, lesson packages can be refunded, however there will be a 25% Administrative fee taken from the remaining balance.

How to pay?
You can pay for your Internet classes through the following options:

  • Transfer to a Dutch bank account (in the Eurozone)
  • Transfer to a UK bank account
  • Transfer to a US bank account
  • (This incurs a 5% transfer fee). PayPal to:

Euro Payment Options
USD Payment Options

Per result:
We test your level. You define the level you want to achieve. We guarantee that you will achieve this level. You define your budget and we develop a programme accordingly. If your budget is low, you will need more hours in total to reach your goal, because you will need to spend a larger portion on guided self-study and assignments.

The following are the levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

  • Beginners A1
  • Beginner A2
  • Intermediate B1
  • Advanced B2
  • Superior C1
  • Improvement C2

    • When you start at our institute, we take a test to assess your level. On the basis of this, we decide which level you are at.

      If needed, we will give extra tuition and extra hours of guided self-study to ensure you reach your level.

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