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spanish teacher Elizabeth Gould

Elizabeth Gould

Hi, my name is Lizzie Gould. I first came to La Paz as a volunteer teacher and I fell in love with the culture, so I decided to come back! I have a degree in Media Arts from Royal Holloway University of London, and I also have a TEFL qualification. I am currently learning Spanish, so I can empathize with my students. I use my experience of learning a language to inform my lessons, utilizing the effective methods I have found as a student to help those in my class. As a teacher I like to make my classes fun and varied. Whatever medium works for the student and the concept I am trying to teach, we will use it in our lessons, even if it means we sing English Karaoke at the top of our lungs! Learning a language is not just gaining knowledge, it is building a skill, creating opportunities and opening up the world. I hope to see you in class!
spanish teacher Harry Stewart

Harry Stewart

G'day. My name's Harry and I'm originally from Canberra, Australia. I have been living in La Paz for a few years now and have grown to love the place. I completed a Bachelor of Communication and Media in 2006 and have since worked a variety of jobs including Government and Tourism. Upon moving to Bolivia I decided to pursue a career in teaching which has been a blast. I love meeting new people and learning more about this wonderful country. Every student learns differently so I focus on tailoring my classes to the individual. I like to keep my classes relaxed and fun which allows students to build the confidence they need in order to engage in meaningful conversation. Hopefully I'll see you in class one day!
spanish teacher Matthew English

Matthew English

Hi. My name is Matt English. I received a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of Montana, USA. In the years following university, I taught in Mali and Morocco. It was thrilling to live in Africa and explore the differences of human culture, as well as the similarities of the human experience. During this time, I became fascinated with the process of language learning and language acquisition. Today, I continue my journey here in Bolivia where I have the chance to share my passion for culture and language at "Instituto Exclusivo." Other hobbies of mine include anything in the great outdoors, especially snowboarding.

spanish teacher Colin Young

Colin Young

Hi, my name is Colin Young. I am a teacher, a trainer, a traveler, a runner, and a language enthusiast. I am originally from Canada, but have been living overseas for over 10 years in China, Korea, Turkey, Malaysia and Australia! English teaching was what brought me around the world and I have experience teaching all ages and levels, ranging from 5 year old kindergarten classes to rocket scientists at Samsung. I arrived in La Paz, Bolivia in January 2016 and am looking forward to training the English teachers of the future in a TESOL Certificate program at instituto-exclusivo!

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